Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Darwin - Day Two - Lee Point and Casuarina

On day two, I headed north to Lee Point.  There were Grey-crowned Babblers around the picnic area, and the local "Red-collared Lorikeet" race of Rainbow Lorikeet.  They are very different to our southern version!

Close to Lee Point, Buffalo Creek is THE spot to see Chestnut Rail.  I waited 2 hours on the falling tide, but no Rail. There was plenty to see there though, including Little Egret, Pied Cormorant (with a very ugly looking fish!), Rajah Shelduck and Common Sandpiper.

Time to head to Casuarina. On the way I spotted a group of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, feeding by the side of the road.

In the cliff top park, there were a group of Bush Stone-curlews sheltering from the heat of the day. They were very confiding and I got lots of good shots.

In the Top End, Straw-necked Ibis is by far the most common ibis.  Blue-faced Honeyeater is also common and not at all scared of humans.

Black and Whistling Kites were still around in their hundreds (Black Kite photo to keep it even!)

As evening approached, I revisited East Point.   I am not sure why these White-breasted Woodswallows where huddled together, but I don't think it was the cold!  It was nice to see Double-barred Finches again as they are very rarely seen in South Australia.  Last bird of the day was Forest Kingfisher, perched up high, enjoying the setting sun.

Oh, and the Chestnut Rail was seen about 20 minutes after I left - you win some and you lose some!!

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  1. You definitely are the bird-man!!
    Great pictures Tony as usual :o)