Thursday, August 29, 2013

Darwin - Day Six - Katherine to Adelaide River

Another Early start.  This time to get to a small creek 40kms (25 Miles) away before the sun rises.   It was worth it!! When I got out of the car the birdsong was amazing.......almost as good as a dawn chorus in the UK!      Directions were good, and I was soon settled under an overhanging branch on the edge of a dried creek looking at a ridiculously small puddle of water.     Almost immediately a White-winged Triller  came down to drink.

Then, a minute later, there THEY were...........surely one of the most enigmatic birds in Australia.  Gouldian Finch.   I don't think I took a breath for the whole five minutes they were there.  Then they were gone just as quickly, never to be seen again......

They were soon followed by a Little Friarbird, and though Northern Rosellas looked interested they never came down to the small pool.

It was soon time to leave and head back towards Darwin.  En-route I stopped at Ferguson River to search for Hooded Parrots.  I saw two flocks, but only in flight so no pics I'm afraid. On the way into Adelaide River I stopped at a small park and saw Leaden Flycatcher and Silver-crowned Friarbird.

After checking in to my motel, I took a quick tour around the town, and found the local lawnmowers at work on the sports oval!! In a flowering Gum Tree were Rufous-throated and Dusky Honeyeaters and Rainbow Lorikeets.

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