Sunday, September 22, 2013

Springtime = Orchid Time

In spring, I always take a trip or two out to look at the native orchids, so today we headed up to Belair National Park to do just that. We saw lots of Bulldogs, the most common orchid in the park

There weren't many Green-hooded Orchids this year, and we only saw a couple of Nodding Greenhoods.

There were some Common Pink Sun-orchids, and lots of Purple Cockatoos

It is always a thrill to see Spider Orchids, and along with the usual King Spider Orchid we also saw some Narrow-lipped Spider Orchids.

The creeks were still running, and there were lots of Arum Lilies in the damper areas

At the last spot we visited, we saw Cowslip Orchid, and some Rabbit-ears,

Of course, Belair is the Koala capital!! and today was no different. We saw at least five different individuals including this very co-operative one low down in a gum tree. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fathers Day, the first day of Spring, and a few tall ships

Today is Fathers Day in Australia, so a happy Fathers Day to all dads out there!!  It is also the first day of spring.   It is also the last day of the Port Adelaide Festival of Tall Ships.  Six tall ships where tied up along the Port Adelaide frontage, Lord Nelson from the UK, Oosterschelde from the Netherlands, our own One and All, Europa and Tecla also from the Netherlands and Falie, also based in Australia.

Four of the ships left the port this morning, bound for Kangaroo Island en-route to Sydney. Europa, a 55m (180 ft) barque was the first to leave, followed by One and All, a 42m (140 ft) brigantine.  They headed into the Port river through "Diver Derek" Bridge.

Next to follow was Oosterschelde a 50m (160 ft) schooner.  Last to leave was Tecla a 38m (125 ft) Herring Lugger.

They made a grand site as they made their way along Port River towards Gulf St. Vincent.