Saturday, March 27, 2010

Local Wetlands

As we end summer and move into autumn, I decided to check out the local wetlands. My first stop was Kaurna Wetlands Park, right on my doorstep. It is a very sad sight, and there has been no water here for the past couple of months. Hopefully a good autumn and winter will soon fill it up again. Just up the road is another small wetland at Springbank. There is plenty of water here and consequently a few birds as well. The ducks here are pretty tame, and consist of a few "mixed up mallards" and various other hybrids. This one is almost a Pacific Black Duck, but the supercilium needs to be a creamy white to be pure. I have no idea on this one. The pale outer tail feathers are mallard, the head pattern is reminiscent of Grey Teal, and the breast marking, head shape and bill look like Chestnut Teal. Eucalyptus trees are evergreen. They do not loose all of their leaves at the same time, but shed leaves throughout the year. Different species also flower at different times so there is nectar available throughout the year too. This one has just started flowering. Greenfields Wetlands was not faring much better with most pools very low on water. One pool had a reasonable level on it, and here Great Egret, Purple Swamphen and Little Grebe were all feeding happily, whilst nearby a Little Black Cormorant was drying its wings.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Something a bit different from me this time This is Chris Sperou a 72 year old veteran pilot in his Pitts Super Stinker. He is an amazing pilot, 13 times Australian Aerobatic Champion. And a close up of him at the recent Parafield Airshow in Adelaide.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Penang Part 2

I have finally managed to find some time to put together part 2 of my post from Penang. As I mentioned, the gardens were very well kept, and had a variety of flowering trees, shrubs and plants. Some were familiar, like Frangipani and Bougainvillea, but others were a complete mystery. I am used to seeing white Frangipani, but in Penang there were also deep red ones, and a pink one that had different shaped flowers, but the tree and leaves looked the same. The Bougainvillea came in a wide variety of shades from pale pink through to deep purple, but my favourite is the traditional lilac one. Here are some other flowers. And finally a couple more birds. This Common Iora had a nest in the same tree as the Barbet from my previous post. This Emerald Dove was the only bird seen on a walk at the forestry museum a few kilometers from the resort.