Friday, March 26, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Something a bit different from me this time This is Chris Sperou a 72 year old veteran pilot in his Pitts Super Stinker. He is an amazing pilot, 13 times Australian Aerobatic Champion. And a close up of him at the recent Parafield Airshow in Adelaide.


  1. Lovely shots Tony,love the blues and red,they work very well together.

  2. cool photos! love the bright red against the perfect blue sky.

  3. that's just supa GREAT! i neva seen this live but your photos gives a very vivid idea of it. red works so very well with blue. very, very well. thank you 4 sharing these! :) happy swf!

  4. Not much in the way of clouds in the Blue sky...but we will settle for acrobatic airplanes.

  5. Marvelous shots. Red plane against blue sky is very nice.

  6. You just never know what you'll find in the sky! That upside down shot is terrific! What amazing talent those pilots have perfected.

  7. Thanks John, Yes, it worked pretty well.

    Thanks Laura, Glad you liked it

    Hi Martha. Thanks for taking time to comment

    PRKL, glad you stopped by. Your blog looks good too!!

    Hello Eaglesbrother, yes, nothing natural about this one, but interesting all the same.

    Thanks Rajesh, It got the impact I was looking for

    Hi Cheryl, yes, this guy is very skilled and thrills everytime he performs.