Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Darwin - Day Four - Kakadu National Park

I started the day before dawn, at a small pond frequented by finches drinking early in the morning.  I didn't see any, but it is always nice to be out when the sun rises!

This morning I was booked onto a boat trip on Corroborree Billabong. It was a great experience and we saw many birds and a few crocodiles as well. I had a few minutes to wander around before we boarded, and saw Agile Wallaby and also a Whistling Kite perched on a water tank.

On the cruise we saw Intermediate Egret, Darter and White-bellied Sea Eagle before we saw our first croc, a small Freshwater Crocodile.

Then more Pied Herons and Black-necked Storks before our first Estuarine or Saltwater Crocodile. On the way back we got close to a Radjah Shelduck.

Final spot for the day was Nourlangie Rock, a wonderful site with many aboriginal rock paintings.  In the car park was a very vocal Helmeted Friarbird.


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