Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kangaroo Island - Part 2

Saturday dawned dreary and wet, and only got worse as the day went on. We were heading to the south of the island with a visit to D'Estrees Bay, before heading to Seal Bay for lunch with friends. 

First stop was Pennington Bay, but with the weather already closing it, it was a very quick stop!

We spotted couple of distant Kangaroo Island Kangaroos, and an Osprey nest before lunch, but soon headed home for the day as the rain started in earnest.


Sunday was our long drive day, heading to the far west of KI.  Vivonne Bay is regularly voted South Australia's best beach, but today it was pretty windy and the rollers were crashing onto the beach.  It didn't seem to bother this beetle though.

On the way to Flinders Chase National Park we had to stop for this cute Tammar Wallaby. This tiny marsupial is only about the size and weight of a European Hare, and very common on the Island.

Around the car park we spotted this Koala and also lots of Grey Currawongs

Maryann wanted to re-visit the New Zealand Fur Seal colony at Admirals Arch.  This natural rock arch is at the south-western tip of KI.  There were plenty of seals about, some quite close to the boardwalk.



There were plenty of fights going on, and this Pacific Gull was happy to look on from the top of a rock stack, while others were enjoying soaring along the cliffs.



  1. Lovely to see Kangaroo Island again. In times gone by we used to stay in one the lighthouse keepers houses and flew in to the old Nat.Pks. strip.
    Lovely pics Tony, thanks.

  2. Amazing animals there. I like the tiny Kangaroo thing! what a nice place for a stroll!