Monday, April 1, 2013

Kangaroo Island - part 1

Maryann and I went to Kangaroo Island for Easter.  Kangaroo Island, locally known simply as KI is Australia's 3rd largest island, and is just a 45 minute ferry ride away from the mainland, across Backstairs Passage. 

Easter is a busy time on the island, and the ferry was completely full. However, there was room for a stowaway Welcome Swallow.

Our first stop was Antechamber Bay, one of KI's many beautiful sandy beaches. It is these beaches that makes KI a stronghold of Hooded Plover.  We saw a few during our stay including pairs of adults and some juveniles.


At Chapman River we saw a female Scarlet Robin, and the first of hundreds of Superb Fairywrens.

Our last stop before checking in to our accommodation was Cape Willoughby, home to Australia's first Lighthouse.

Each evening at 5pm in Kingscote, "John the Pelican Man" feeds the local pelicans (and Gulls!).   Obviously, the Pelicans have now got the routine as they start to gather from about 4:30.  They fly in from all points of the compass, some crashing down on the platform, and others landing on the water.  then its a stretch of the bill, ready for the days performance.

Invariably, John ends up with a Silver Gull on his head (hence the hat!). The Pelicans really know their part and gather round waiting for their fish, and all head into the water for the finale.

Kingscote is also a good spot for Cormorants, and it is possible to see all five Australian species here together.  This time we just saw Black-faced, and Pied, along with the ever present Pacific Gull.


  1. What a great day you had. That Hooded Plover is a stunner! Mr Pelican man is amazing! I'll look forward to the next post from KI! (-:

  2. Oh my! I love those cormorants, especially the first one! Fairy Wrens always make me smile, though I have only seen them in pictures. I just love their name! i love the plovers as well! What nice shots you got of this place and all the birds!