Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Justice" in Rundle Mall

Australian Rules Football, AFL or footy is the most popular spectator sport in South Australia, and twice a season the two local teams, Port Power (Hooray!!) and Adelaide Crows (Boooo!!) play in a derby  match called "The Showdown.  This causes much local excitement, and is akin to the big local derbys in the EPL like Manchester United and City, or Liverpool and Everton.

During the season, "The Footy Show" is on TV on a Thursday and the hosts all give their tips for the following weekend's games.  These tips include a "certainty" which, if they tip incorrectly, means they have to pay a "penalty".    Two weeks ago was the first showdown for 2013 and one of the hosts, Gary Lyon, chose Adelaide Crows as his certainty.    Well, I am happy to say that Port Power won handsomely, and the following photos show Gary, paying his penalty.

Firstly, Warren Tredrae, a previous captain of Port Power introduced some of the young Port players to the crowd, followed by John "Sam" Newman another of the shows hosts, and finally Gary Lyon.

Gary was strapped in the wheel, ready for his penalty, until David "Kochie" Koch, the president of the club pointed out that he was still wearing a Port guernsey.

"Off! Off! Off!" shouted the crowd, and off it came!!  Then strapped to the wheel again, round it span, as Port supporters pelted him with another South Australian favourite, Balfours meat pies!! "What goes with pies?" asks "Sam" Newman - "Tomato Sauce of course!!"

Debt paid!!

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  1. Hi Tony,

    I am a journalist for Fairfax Media and am writing a story about the Footy
    Show being in Adelaide today. I noticed you had a some great photos on your
    blog and I was wondering if I could use them for a story online? Obviously
    I would credit you in each of the captions.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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