Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kangaroo Island - final part

We headed north through the National Park towards Cape Borda, the north western tip of the island.  Cape Borda has the third oldest, and only square, lighthouse in South Australia.  Nearby is a tiny cemetery containing the graves of some of the Cape Borda light keepers and their relatives.

On the way back to Kingscote, we stopped for this Grey Shrike-thrush.

We arrived in Kingscote in time for the pelican feeding.  These are a couple of my favourite shots from this session.

Again, plenty of Pacific Gulls were keeping tabs on the fish.  This one is an immature bird.  With the improved light I managed a better shot of Black-faced cormorant as well.

Our final day started with an unwelcome visitor, a large Huntsman Spider.

We headed back to Seal Bay and took a beach tour to view the Australian Sealions.  The breeding season is about to start, and these two adolescent boys couldn't resist facing off against each other. As the guide said, "boys will be boys!"

Mothers were beginning to wean off their pups, whilst other dozed amiably in the dunes.

Then two big males decided to push their weight around so it was time to beat a hasty retreat, but not before we watched this mother calling for her pup. They were soon happily re-united.

As we left the beach, a large flock of Crested Terns landed. 

A last minute drive around Kingscote allowed a close shot of this Pied Cormorant, before we headed to Penneshaw for the short ferry ride home.


  1. It's a shame you had mixed weather, but it looks like you made the most of it when not raining! Are Wolf Spiders poisonous over there? I think we have them here too? Lovely photo of the Cormorant!

    1. Hi Jen, Not sure if they are the same. This one is a Hunstman. iy'll give a nasty bitr, but I don't think its poioinous.

  2. Kangaroo Island is fun any time of the year and great to watch the interaction of the seals. Touching shots of the anxious baby running to momma.

  3. Very nice Tony! not sure about the spider though!