Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tasmania part 2

After breakfast, we headed down to the Tasman Peninsular with its spectacular coastal scenery. First stop was the Tasman Arch. As we pulled up in the car park, Maryann spotted a male Flame Robin. We walked around from the Arch to the viewpoint with its stunning views of the rugged scenery. Back at the car park, there were Fairy Martins everywhere. This one kept picking up this dry eucalyptus leaf and then dropping it. From the Tasman Peninsular, we headed inland to Richmond, one of the oldest settlements in Tasmania. Richmond is the home of the oldest bridge and the oldest Catholic Church in Australia. By the bridge there was a small group of Tasmanian Native Hens squabbling noisily. Finally it was time to head north-west towards the mountains and lakes, and as we pulled off the main road for a break, we spotted this Echidna, with a burr stuck to it. More from the north-west to follow.......


  1. I am enjoying the scenic tour. That Flame Robin makes our Redbreast look somewhat understated.

  2. Great images, thanks for the tour. Someday I'd love to visit.

  3. I saw the Tasman Arch and Richmond last year on my first trip to Tasmania. :)

  4. Love the names of the "flame robin" and "fairy martin"! Your stone bridge looks like one I saw near Payson, AZ! The photo of the echidna is comical and seems a bit of poetic justice as the prickly animal is getting stuck to by a burr, or as we used to call them when I was a child, a "stick-tight!" In Maine they call them "puckerbrush!"

  5. Love the flame robin, we have them on Mt.Lofty and red-caps on the farm in winter.
    Great photos of Richmond which I love except for the fact that all that stonework was done by badly treated convicts.

    Have fun on the rest of your trip.

  6. All of this, the serene and lovely landsacpes, the gorgeous Flame Robin, the adorable Fairy Martin, all make for a pleasureable and delightful journey with you.

  7. Love those Echindnas Tony. Like overgrown Hedgehogs! (-: Beautiful photo of the Flame Robin. Great spot by Maryann! (-: Jen

  8. Hi Frank, each to his own. if robin redbreast showed up here he'd be a star attraction!!

    Thanks IT2L. you'll always be welcome

    Hi Jim, amazing place.

    LOL Kathy, and he nearly stuck me trying to get the burr off too!

    Hi Arija, yes, but that was then, maybe we are too lenient these days?

    Thanks Mary, glad you are enjoying the trip with us

    Hi Jen, though not quite as prickly. hehe