Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tasmania part 5

First port of call in Hobart was Mount Wellington. At 1280m (4200 ft) it was only 10C (50F) on the summit. The view over Hobart is second to none! There are some interesting sculptures at the dock including these penguins, but I think this sign was aimed at some other boids!! The brig Lady Nelson is based in Hobart, and is another sail training ship. We rested under these lovely old oak trees in Salamanca Place, before passing the main Post Office on our way back to the hotel. Final birding was a walk around the Domain and the Botanical Gardens, where I saw the local race of Noisy Miner, and also some very tame Eastern Rosellas (that I have chased time and time again in Adelaide but to no avail!! Then it was off to the airport to board some different birds altogether for the trip home. Thanks for enjoying our holiday with us.


  1. Another great post. By the way, I live at 4,500 ft and the mountains around me peak out 9,800+ feet.

  2. You can tell the Adelaide and the Lady Nelson that they are welcome to come to Gloucester Harbor any time!

  3. Lovely photography Tony.

  4. Thanks Tony enjoyed your many photos

  5. Oh how lovely.
    That sign made me smile.
    Why the Brooklyn accent in Tasmania I wonder :-)
    These parakeet type coloured birds, have they always been native to Australia or are they amongst the so-called 'acclimatized' creatures? (Like camels, rabbits et al).
    Thank you for the mini holiday.
    Beam me up.

  6. Lovely scenes and those birds are so extrodinary in colour and look, just beautiful presentation Tony~

  7. Hi IT2L, wow!! it must get very chilly there!

    Thanks steve. I thought of you while I was taking those shots. There was a third, the Wind.... but it was always in a bad position for photos.

    Thanks John and Sue, Glad you enjoyed them

    Cheers Joe.

    G'Day Joco. Yes, the Eastern Rosella is native to Australia. It is pretty special isn't it!

    Thanks Mary. so glad you liked them.


  8. Hi Steve. Isn't thatthe way. Gave up, posted my comments and now I've just found it - The other ship was the Windeward Bound from Sydney

  9. That sign is so funny. Your bird pictures are awesome!
    Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my blog :-)

  10. Love the sculpture and the birds. Funny sign!