Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tasmania part 3

We started the day at Strahan, on the west coast. It was a bit showery, but we decided to risk the walk to Hogarth Falls. The falls were lovely, and the rocks near them were covered in tiny soft ferns. Of course, we did get caught in a shower, and by the time we got back to the car we looked like a pair of drowned rats!!
Tasmania has twelve species of birds that are endemic, and on my first trip in 2003/4 I saw eleven of them, and heard the twelfth. The one I missed seeing was Scrubtit. I had been tipped off (by my guide from 2003/4, Tonia Cochran at Inala) that Nelson Falls in Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park was a good spot to look for them this time. Well, the falls were spectacular, AND I saw Scrubtit. Thank you Tonia!
On the way north, we had noticed this hydro-electric power station on the River Nive, but it was too late to photograph it. So we stopped on the return journey. After dinner, I wandered around the village, but the only thing of interest was this old Massey Ferguson Tractor left in the middle of a field.
Next morning we headed to Hobart via Mount field National Park. On the way we passed by the delightfully named Meadowbank Lake. Once in the park, it was off to another waterfall, Russell Falls, before heading up to Lake Dobson. At an altitude of over 1000m ( 3250 ft) it was very chilly! On the way back down, I stopped for this Black Currawong, who was happy to pose for me on a fallen tree.
More from Tasmania to follow.......


  1. I love that view over the Lake. Very atmospheric. I hope you didn't get attacked by leeches like we did in some of those forests! Remember O'Reillys? (-: Looking forward to more from Tassie.... Jen xx

  2. Is it only South Australians who get drenched going to the Hogarth falls? We had the very same experience.

  3. Your blog is wildlife biologists, and photography enthusiasts - it's right up our alley :) Looking forward to following and wanted to let you know that your photography site is incredibly vast...just lovely.

    -Carrie and Ben

  4. Hi Jen, no leeches......I think it was too cold for them. Any more that 2 minutes and they would be frozen solid LOL!!

    Hi Arija, LOL!! It was an experience for sure.

    Thanks Ben and Carrie, Welcome and hope you continue to enjoy my photos.