Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tasmania part 1

Last week, Maryann and I took a short vacation to Tasmania. On the way there were some great cloud formations seen from the plane. 1st night was spent at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsular, and we took a walk before breakfast to see the Tessellated Pavement here. Walking down the path I could hear a scrubwren chattering away to one side, and wattlebirds calling from above. I really had to crank up the ISO setting to get the Tasmanian Scrubwren shot so it is a bit grainy, but the Little Wattlebird was a lot more confiding. Further along I saw a group of Green Rosellas. This is Tasmania's only endemic Parrot. The adults are more yellow and the juveniles much greener. They were in a bush that looked a bit like Hawthorn to me. The Tessellated Pavement was fascinating, and reminded me of limestone pavements back in the UK. There was a Kelp Gull resting just on the edge of the rocks. Heading back up to the hotel for breakfast there were a few Superb Fairywrens in the garden. The male keeping guard whilst a female looked for insects on the Agapanthus. More on the Tasman Peninsular to follow........


  1. I have always been fond of that tessellated pavement. Nice bird shots too.

    Have a great time in Tassie.

  2. Excellent selection from Tasmania Tony. Seeing that pavement was a surprise and the male Superb Fairywren is a stunner. FAB.

  3. Hi Tony, sorry I've been off with the fairies. This brings back wonderful memories for me. We stayed near EagleHawk peninsula and took a mini pelagic out from there into the Tasman sea. My most abiding memory was have a juv Wandering Albatross come alongside our small boat to inspect us and then a flick of the wing and it was miles away! Amazing! Thanks! Jen xx (-:

  4. Hi Arija, yes, an amazing place.

    Thanks Steve, glad you liked them

    G'day Frank, yes he's always popular.

    Hi Jenny, we were there midweek so no pelagic for us unfortunately

  5. I've just enjoyed a lovely scroll through your vacation to Tasmania. What a gorgeous place. I have no idea what kinds of birds they all are as we don't have them here! But I love the name of the one Frank mentioned in his comment, Superb Fairywren? ~karen
    p.s. I love your header.