Monday, January 3, 2011


On the spur of the moment yesterday, Maryann and I decided to go camping at Moonta on the Yorke Peninsular. We arrived late in the day and after putting the tent up we went for a meal at Seagate, one of our favorite restaurants. It has amazing views of the sunset. This morning we walked on the beach. I love the ripples in the sand left by the outgoing tide. There were a few gulls on the beach. This Pacific Gull was quite happy to pose for me until I overstepped the mark! Coming back through the pools I spotted this Blue Swimmer Crab. Finally, when we got home we were excited to find this small Bearded Dragon in our garden. Hopefully it will make a home here (and keep our garden free of slugs and snails).


  1. Lovely to see what is in store for us at Moonta. Beautiful washboard pattern of sand and baby bearded dragon.

    We have a booking for something more substantial than a tent, out sleeping on the ground days are well and truly over.

    A great start to the new year, hope it gets even better from here on in.

  2. Hi Tony Great set of images, love the Bearded Dragon, That new years eve firework display looks awsome.
    Happy new year to you and yours.