Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog. I am an amateur natural history photographer now living in Adelaide, South Australia. I am originally from the UK, and have worked all over the world. My favourite countries (apart from Australia of course!) are South Africa and Hungary.
I hope to give you all an interesting visual insight into natural history in South Australia and Australia generally as we face one of the worst droughts in living history.
There are more of my images on my website at http://www.tcphotos.net/
I'll start with a couple of images from a recent trip to the far north of South Australia. Even with flood waters flowing down from Queensland into Lake Eyre, the land is still parched.
This is Dalhousie Homestead in Witjira National Park. It was built on a mound spring and is a small oasis in the middle of the desert.
It is now a ruin, and the mound spring is no longer flowing though there is still enough water in the aquifer to maintain the greenery.
These are the remains of the stockyards.
Finally a Dingo which was seen at Margaret Creek on the Oodnadata Track. There was a little water here, and the Dingo was very interested in the few Pacific Black Ducks there.


  1. Hi Tony, great start to your blogging career! (-: I've only just got my computer back this evening and was without it for nearly two weeks! (shudder). Will look forward to more posts! Ta ta for now

  2. Thanks Jen - still very much a novice at this blogging lark....LOL