Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainbows and Dragons

It's been so wet that I wasn't able to do much this weekend. On the way back from Whyalla I saw this beatiful rainbow with the Southern Flinders Ranges as a backdrop Australia is a fantastic country for reptiles, and one of the most common and widespread families is the dragons. Around Adelaide, the Bearded Dragon is very common. As you head north into the more arid lands the Crested Dragon becomes more frequent. My favourite dragon by far is the stunning Thorny Devil. I remember being so elated by my first one that I almost forgot to get my camera out.


  1. Great photos Tony. I particularly love the low level view of the crested dragon. I see my somewhat vague instructions re blogrolls paid off! (-:

  2. Thanks Jen,

    Yes they did........it seems to be coming along. all I want to do now is to start customising the template....
    x x