Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's raining!!

I'm glad to say it's finally raining in Adelaide. Apart from one day in March this will be the best rain since December 2008. Rainfall for the past 4 months: Actual Average December 2008 40.4mm 28.3mm January 2009 1.2mm 20.6mm February 2009 0.8mm 13.7mm March 2009 20.2mm 25.5mm April 2009(to 22nd) 5.2mm 38.0mm today (to 10pm) 18.4mm They are forecasting rain right through the weekend for a total in Adelaide of over 50mm. Update 19:30 Sunday 26th total rainfall so far this weekend is 49.4mm Below is the rainfall radar picture from Buckland Park Radar approximately 40km North of Adelaide

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