Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greenfields Wetlands

My local wetlands, Kaurna Wetlands Park, is mostly dry at the moment, so this morning we went to Greenfields Wetlands about 5Km (3 Miles) down the road towards Adelaide.
Both Kaurna and Greenfields are part of a scheme harvesting stormwater for storage and later use, aimed at reducing our use of fresh water, and reducing demand on the dwindling flows down the River Murray.

Greenfields has a network of paths and boardwalks allowing the visitor wide access to the area.

Most of the migratory birds have left South Australia on their way North to breed in the northern hemisphere summer, but in the hour or so we spent there we saw over 20 species. White-faced Heron is the most common heron in this area and true to form was one of the first birds we saw. Great Egret was also here with a couple of the newly split Eastern Little Egret. Waders (Shorebirds) were well represented with good numbers of both White-headed Stilt and Red-kneed Dotterel, and a couple of Black-fronted Plovers.

Other birds seen included Willie Wagtail, Magpielark and a lone Singing Honeyeater.


  1. Hi Tony, lovely photo of the Black fronted Plover, that's one we didn't see when we came over. Such a smart looking bird! Looks like a great area for birding! I've put you on my blogroll, check that out on the rhs of my blog and look at Ben Cruachan and Tyto Tonys blogs (fellow aussies) (-: You might want to let them know you're around by commenting on their blogs. Ta ta

  2. Thanks Jen, I'll do that - how do you get the list like that?? I'd like to add yours to it......
    (PS The pic is Red-kneed dotterel......)
    x x

  3. OoooopS! I obviously need to get over there again to get my IDs right! (-: After you've signed in, click on Layout on the top bar and then on the rhs, I think it's the third box down, click on that to edit and then you can add urls of blogs that you like to look at regularly. These will show when they've updated etc. Let me know if I've been bad in explaining this! Toodle pip! Jen