Thursday, August 4, 2011

Benalla and the snow

Maryann and I have been wanting to go "to the snow" for a while now, and as I had the chance of some time off, it was time to go. We flew to Melbourne and then drove the two hours to Benalla in North East Victoria, our base for three days. On Sunday we headed to Mount Buffalo National Park. The weather was pretty poor, with low cloud covering the mountains. We had fun tobogganing, but missed out on the lovely views. Mondays forecast was much better, so we went to Mount Buller, a world class ski resort. We took a chairlift up to the Spur for lunch, then walked across to another lift for the ride down. This area was full of Kookaburras, more than I have ever seen in my time in Australia. This one was in one of the picnic areas in the park. Benalla has an interesting ceramic mural, which has many seats overlooking Benalla Lake built in to it. I have also included shots of some of the detail in the mural.


  1. Those images, especially the top few are so majestic and serene landscapes. I love the snow too, for it is way too hot here, about to break a record soon for length of days in a row in the 90's~

  2. Hi Tony! Long time no comment! Sorry! (-: I keep forgetting that you're enjoying winter now, but have Spring to look forward to! It's wader time shortly over here! (-: xx

  3. some truly beautiful photos here!