Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

This post has a few odds and ends from the last couple of weeks. A couple of weeks a go we popped up to the hills to see if the Square-tailed Kites had returned. On the way I spotted a Musk Lorikeet sitting by the side of the road. A quick u-turn, and I took a couple of photos before getting out of the car. I took a closer look and it seemed OK, so I assume it was stunned after being hit by a car. It eventually flew off to a tree in the next field. At the Square-tailed Kite site, there was no sign of the birds, but the Sundews were already in flower. Last Sunday was a beautiful spring day, and as were in the city, we decided on a quick walk at the Botanic Gardens. First stop was the water lily and orchid house. Followed by a slow walk, stopping when anything caught our eye. Butterflies, flowers and even graffiti! Roll on Summer!!

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