Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We have been very busy in the last couple of weeks so blogging has taken a back seat. A couple of weeks ago we went for a quick walk at Warrawong Sanctuary. These are a selection of the things we saw. This Dusky Moorhen was wandering around close to the restaurant.
As we entered the woodland, I spotted this Grey Fantail. Red-necked Wallabies were all over the place. This one was nibbling on a native flower. A bit further on, a small party of Yellow-rumped Thornbills were busy in the trees. At the lake were a couple of Little Pied Cormorants, lots of turtles, and some Little Grebes. Over Easter, we are heading up the Strzlecki Track, and then back across to Whyalla, so I hope to have some shots to share!!
Happy Easter!!


  1. Excellent collection,love the Little Pied Cormorants.

  2. Another lovely series Tony but I didn't expect to see the Dabchick.

  3. Hi frank. It is a different species to yours. Looks very similar though.

  4. Wow, great photos Tony! The kangaroo photo is so cute!