Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in arid South Australia

Maryann and I headed north this Easter. As we drove towards the Strzlecki track, we stopped en-route at Old Kanyaka Homestead. This sheep station was built in 1851, but the owner drowned in floods here in 1852. The new owners quickly grew the station to over 50,000 sheep, but then lost almost half of them in the drought in 1864. This flood/drought cycle continued until the homestead was abandoned in 1888. At it's height, it employed over 70 men and their families. We stayed overnight in Leigh Creek and made a quick visit to Aroona Dam before sunset. On the way home we spotted this Common Wallaroo (Euro) grazing by the side of the road.


  1. Lovely post Tony The images convey the harsh conditions they had to endure.

  2. I would not have liked to live in such isolation - too harsh for me! Love the shot of the kangaroo.

  3. What a lovely place!
    It reminded me of Cornwall. :)

  4. looks Great Place in images!!!!!!
    should visit.