Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Easter in Arid SA

On Good Friday we drove up to Lyndhurst and onto the Strzlecki Track. Within a couple of hundred metres we spotted a few Cinnamon Quail-thrushes, but they were camera shy and kept their distance. A little further along the track I stopped first for a Brown Falcon, and then Black Kites. Jokingly, some people call the Strzlecki Track the Strzlecki Highway, and I can see why!! For lunch, we headed back to Lyndhurst and up the Oodnadata Track to Farina, a town started by a group of wheat farmers who thought they could make it the wheat capital of SA. Eventually it failed, for the same reasons as Kanyaka in my earlier post. An Australian Kestrel was perched on a post, and a couple of Galahs kept us company at the old Post Office. Finally, just before we headed home, I noticed this Harrier quartering a paddock. It stayed directly into the sun, so identification was tough, but I reckon it is a young Spotted Harrier. Next morning we popped back to Aroona Dam, before heading to the Flinders Ranges. Here I noticed this small blue butterfly on a succulent like flower, and then a couple of Wedge-tailed Eagles Next stop, Whyalla and the Australian Snapper Competition......

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