Monday, November 9, 2009

Spring heatwave and dolphins

We are in the middle of the first ever November heatwave (officially 5 consecutive days over 35C = 95F) in Adelaide, and this does not bode well for the water situation here. As I passed by, I estimated that the pink lake at Lochiel receded by almost 1 metre (3 feet) between Friday and Sunday this week. Also on my way to Whyalla I decided to take a closer look at one of the wind farms that has sprung up along a range of hills in the north of the Yorke Peninsular. South Australia does not have any nuclear power stations, relying on coal and more recently gas fired power stations. For renewable anergy sources, as well as windfarms, homes and factories are being encouraged, by generous grants, to install solar power, and if they make a surfeit they can sell it back to the power companies. On Saturday we took a short stroll around the marina and along the beach and saw all of the usual things. As usual, the local pod of dolphins were accompanying each returning fishing boat right up to the pontoon. (Much to the joy of visitors and locals alike.) Along the beach were plenty of Silver gulls, including this engaging youngster who posed for me. Further along were is bigger relatives the Pacific Gull represented by an adult and a bird almost moulted into its adult plumage. Sunday morning we headed out for another go at the Grasswrens, but didn't see. let alone photograph any. However, we did see plenty of Bluebonnets and Southern Whitefaces. Oh well, there is always next time!!


  1. Far too hot for me Tony although a little sunshine wouldn't go amiss at this time over here. We really need world collaboration on natural resources but I can't see it happening in my lifetime!
    Great shots of the playful Dolphins and that Pacific Gull looks a real brute. FAB.

  2. Hi Tony, those dolphin shots are wonderful. How amazing to get so close to them! The young Silver Gull looks quite BH Gull like and I've forgotten quite what amazing bills those Pacific Gulls have! Hope the water situation improves somehow over there!

  3. Hi Frank. you do get used to it. Luckily it is a dry heat, and the beach is never too far away!!
    Hi Jen, Yes, they are pretty tame. They come close enough to touch.....if they'd let you, but they will take fish from your hands.