Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Short Evening Walk - Short Post

The heatwave has abated for a couple of days and this evening I had a chance for a quick walk to see what damage had been done over the past week. The water levels in the wetland have dropped dramatically, and with 41C (106F) forecast for the next two days, levels will continue to drop quickly. In the photo below, the water was at the bases of the trees on the right and the log was completely submerged only 10 days ago. The hot weather has triggered some more eucalypts to flower and in one was this odd, tailless New Holland Honeyeater. It's the wrong time of year for moulting, so I guess a cat must be the culprit? The second photo shows what he should look like. In the next tree were some White-plumed Honeyeaters, but before I could creep closer they moved on, so this long range (cropped) shot was all I managed.


  1. Hi Tony! PHEW! I couldn't handle that summer heat I don't think. When I eventually manage to come and visit you, I will do so in the spring or winter I think! (-: That is a dramatic drop in water! Beautiful photo of the NH Honeyeater (with the tail)! (-:

  2. Hi Jen. It's not too bad - at least it is a dry heat, not like Cairns!! - I have some freinds coming out in 3 weeks - at this rate the wetland will be dry by the time they get here!!

  3. Hi J. thanks for popping in to my blog. Yes, it is a beautiful place.