Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greenfields Wetland

This morning, before the heat of the day got too much, I went for an early walk around Greenfields Wetland. I noticed a few days ago that the water level was beginning to drop and I was hoping to see some crakes here. The level had just dropped enough to show some muddy margins, so I was hopeful of some waders (shorebirds) as well. As I parked the car, about 50 or so Black-tailed Nativehens appeared from under bushes and borders and disappeared into the reedbed, leaving this very cross Willie Wagtail to scold me for disturbing their Saturday Morning!!. There was nothing notable on the water, just the usual birds. A pair of White-headed Stilts in one corner, an Australian Pelican, and the most notable duck was a male Chestnut Teal As I got to a sheltered corner, there were a few dragonflies hawking for food. This one finally settled and I managed to grab a photo. In the reeds opposite a Purple Swamphen was making its way precariously through the reeds. Back at the carpark I heard a dove call that didn't sound quite right. It was a Barbary Dove. There has been some discussion on the Birding-Aus mail list regarding the status of this species in South Australia. It is thought that they have escaped from captivity, and they seem to be multiplying in Adelaide now. I tracked down at least four at this site and they were happily displaying to each other. Consensus is split between allowing them to continue breeding and rounding them up and destroying them. On the way home, I spotted this Nativehen by the road. They always have such a surprised look on their faces!! No crakes, and only one species of wader. As this wetland is divided by a major highway so tomorrow I will try the other half.......


  1. Love those elegant stilts, Tony. The nativehen does have a look of wide-eyed surprise. Great shot of it and all the other birds as well. Looking forward to what you get tomorrow on the other side of the road.

    Why did the birder cross the road?
    To get to the other hide!


  2. No Crakes but a nice mix of sightings Tony. Love the colours on the Chestnut Teal plus the elegant Stilts. That Barbary Dove looks very similar to either the European or African Collared Dove. FAB.

  3. Thanks gfor the chuckle Wilma, LOL!!
    Hi Frank. It is the African Collared Dove. Yes, Chestnut Teal is a real cracker!!

  4. I posted a comment on your previous post that doesn't seem to have come out Tony. Sorry 'bout that. Love this post. I guess you're becoming used to your 'oz' birds by now, but even your common ones are fabulous for us to see. Smashing Teal, as you say a cracker.

  5. Hi Jen. glad you're enjoying them, after all it was you that got me into this blogging lark!!