Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Yesterday I made a long overdue return visit to Tolderol Game Reserve, on the edge of Lake Alexandrina.   

On the way in, a Kestrel was playing cat and mouse with me, but eventually gave in and sat still to allow me a few photos from the car.

There were a few Black Swans on, and over the Lake.

Small birds were very busy singing and flitting about in the reeds,  Superb Fairywren and Golden-headed Cisticola both eventually staying still long enough to get some reasonable shots

There was plenty of raptor activity, mostly Swamp Harriers, but also a Whistling Kite.

Terns were very much in evidence with around 80 Caspian Terns, smaller numbers of Crested and Gull-billed, and probably thousands of Whiskered Terns on the reserve.

I was looking for White-winged Terns in the Whiskered tern roost when they all suddenly flew up.  I'm sure there will be one in there somewhere!!

The waders were all pretty distant except for this young White-headed Stilt.

Another sure sign of spring was this Bearded Dragon warming itself on a fence post.

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