Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pengilly Scrub - almost 2 years on

Today I made a quick visit to Pengilly Scrub on the Adelaide Plains about 20 minutes drive from home.  Pengilly Scrub  was devastated in the 2015 Pinery Bushfire.  Whilst the understory is recovering well, the bigger trees still have a way to go.

The first bird to play was a Dusky Woodswallow, who perched about 15 metres away just above eye level.

There were plenty of Neophema parrots there, but they were very flighty, and I couldn't get very close to them.  There were groups of both Blue-winged and Elegant Parrots, and some young ones. The third pic is a young Neophema, and from the amount of yellow on its face I think it is most likely a juvenile Blue-winged Parrot.

Whilst wandering I came across this very agitated Willie Wagtail, and it didn't take much fieldcraft to find his nest complete with a clutch of three eggs. 

On the fence line nearby were plenty of Singing Bushlarks.

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