Sunday, April 12, 2015

Barossa Airshow 2015

This is by far the longest gap I've had between posts. Due to an eye problem, I have not been using my camera, or going birding since last October.

This weekend was the Barossa Airshow, and I decided it was time to give my camera a workout.  Getting a sharp focus was definitely an issue, as was trying to use the viewfinder with my left eye, but all things considered I am reasonably happy with the results. 

The show opened with the Adelaide Skydivers.

Followed closely by the crowd favourites, the RAAF Roulettes in their Pilatus PC-9s. They start off with all 6 aircraft in formation

before two PC-9s split from the main formation and do some mirror formations and fast head on passes.

Next, one of the CFS Airtractors gave a display dropping water on a small fire

Next up, some warbirds, a replica Nieuport, the CAC Boomerang and a Nangchang from Adelaide Warbirds.

Jesse Jury (Yellow) and Chris Sperou (Red) raced against each other in their Pitts, performing a number of aerobatic  manoeuvres in the first race of its kind in Australia.

 The pace was slowed down when the beautifully restored Stinson Reliant gave its display,  before finishing with a bang when the SIAI Marchetti S211 jet trainer arrived.

A great day out!


  1. You got some great shots, Tony! Hope your eye issue gets resolved. I am naturally left-eyed, and I can tell you that cameras are designed for right-eyed use. It is awkward even when your left is dominant. Keep at it, though, and it will get easier. Great to have you back.

  2. Hi Tony
    Sorry to hear about your eye prob,hope it clears up soon. This is a super set of images,with some beautiful old aircraft,look forward to seeing more soon.