Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kaurna WETlands!!

In the last two weeks we have had two major rainfall events in Adelaide, totalling over 90mm (3.5 inches).  This has resulted in the wetlands going from almost dry, (only one small pool with any water) to overflowing.  On this morning's walk with Kobe, I took my "point and shoot" to try and take a few photos to share.

The first photo is where the only water in the wetlands was up to two weeks ago, followed by some general views.  It was a bit grey to start with, but the sun soon broke through to give a lovely winter's day

Many of the footbridges are partially under water

The main collecting pond is flooding over the weir, and on the opposite side  of the wetlands, the water is flowing out of the overflow.

The main area of open water is really looking good in the winter sunshine, and "the heron tree" lived up to it's nickname.

There are still plenty of birds around, but my little camera struggled to capture many.  I did manage to zoom in on the White-faced Heron, but the Egrets (Great and Little), and Chestnut Teal were a little out of range.

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  1. Good work Tony, an interesting post, great shots!