Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chilly winter's morning

This morning dawned bright, but chilly, with the mercury struggling to get above freezing. But Kobe and I still took our usual early morning stroll round the wetlands.

The moon has almost waned to third quarter, and it wasn't till I got home that I noticed the Galah sneaking into shot!!.  It was a bit misty, but this didn't bother the ducks, and the heavy dew made for some nice "arty" shots of the reeds and shrubs around Kaurna Wetland Park

There were a few birds around, mainly common ones like the White-plumed Honeyeater.  Striated Pardalote is often heard in the park, but less frequently seen.  This Noisy Miner was living up to its name, soundly scolding me and Kobe as we passed by.

The "Heron Tree" really lived up to its name, sporting two Cattle Egrets, a White-faced Heron and a Little Pied Cormorant.

Finally I had a lovely encounter with a group of Purple-crowned Lorikeets high up in a gum tree. 

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  1. Another great set Tony what with the weather and work at home have not done so much this year.
    Great Stuff