Sunday, February 10, 2013

Late summer in the Barossa Valley

I went for a drive around the Barossa Valley this morning.   There were plenty of birds around, but very few came within range of my camera.

This family of Dusky Woodswallows were happy enough to pose in the sun.

The Barossa is characterised by rolling hills, mainly vineyards, but also mixed arable .  Many of the farmers have left a big gum tree here and there which certainly adds some interest to the landscape.  They also have miles and miles of fences to maintain.   Talking of maintenance, the fence pic shows I need to do some maintenance on my camera!! 

Lots of the paddocks have bales in them, round ones, oblong ones, some left where they fall, and others neatly arranged.

It looks like the vineyards have had a pretty good year with the vines all heavy with fruit for this years vintage.


  1. I love the round bale pic for some reason Tony. How far is the Barossa Valley from you? Not long till Spring here....can't wait! (-: xx

    1. Hi Jen. Barossa is only 20 minutes away. Yes, the waders are coming into colour. They'll be moving North soon. Take care x x