Saturday, January 26, 2013

Laratinga Wetlands

This afternoon, Maryann and I popped into Laratinga Wetlands at Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills.

As we strolled around, there were plenty of birds to see.  First bird was a Yellow-billed Spoonbill, fast asleep in the sun. 

Water levels were low in some ponds, but the boardwalks helped get close to the birds.  Dusky Moorhens were everywhere, and a pair of "mixed up mallards" were keeping a close eye on their brood.

 Not so many Common Coots in the shallows, but there were plenty in the deeper water.  I counted over 20 Spotted Crakes, and some were very confiding.

The only parrot we saw were Adelaide Rosellas.   Another birder had mentioned he'd seen some Freckled Ducks, and we eventually found one on a log with a Grey Teal and a Hardhead for company.

The next pond held lots of birds, and we quickly ticked off Chestnut Teal and Australian Little Grebe.

A small movement in the reeds betrayed this Australian Reed Warbler, but the Hoary-headed Grebes were much more conspicuous against the dark water.

Then I flushed a small crake.  My immediate thought was a Baillon's, but it disappeared before I could see it properly.  On the way back, it was at the same spot, and I trod a little more carefully!!  ID confirmed, and duly photographed!! A Baillon's Crake.

On the way back to the car we passed this fluffed up White-faced Heron, some Purple Swamphen's and a single Hardhead.



  1. Hi Tony, love the White-faced Heron pic. So soft looking! (-: Have posted a blog for the first time in over a year! Am hoping to get back into it! xx Hi to Maryann

  2. Great set Tony you certainly nailed a lot of species in one visit.
    We got the opposite problem here at the moment to much water and everything is hiding away in the margins.

  3. Hi Tony
    Thanks for the comment, it is a bit unusual to get a Common Tern at this time of year so this one has aroused a bit of interest.
    We also get a Sandwich Tern overwintering on the River Fal, the past few years.
    We must be getting more tropical warm and wet ha ha.

  4. Wonderful photos! Always great to see birds that I have never seen before. I stopped over from Jenny's blog.

    1. Thanks Mary. Welcome to my blog. Jenny and I used to go birding together before I moved to Oz.