Monday, December 3, 2012

Ambers Gully - Prescribed Burn

This weekend I was on a prescribed burn at Ambers Gully in Blackhill Conservation Park.   This burn was on a steep ridge, and was required to reduce the fuel load in the case of a bushfire. The area we were burning is the whole of the ridge on the right of the photo below.

We met at the head of the gully, and shortly after, the burn commenced from the highest point moving downwards in both directions.

The burn was progressing well, and we soon we had smoke in front and behind our appliance.

I was crewed on "Mount George QRV" a Toyota Land Cruiser equipped with a 400 litre tank,with a pump and hose reel.  This is a "Quick Response Vehicle" and is used to quickly establish a response in the event of a bush fire.  We had to ensure that the fire did not cross the track that marked the eastern edge of the burn.

This edge was to provide a 30 metre burnt buffer zone to prevent the main fire from spreading to unplanned areas.   There was soon plenty of smoke, and the 30 metre buffer was soon completed.

This was the signal for the helicopter, a Eurocopter Ecureuil, to begin dropping incendiaries into the heart of the target area, which was soon well alight.

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  1. Great set Tony, Full respect when you do that sort of work.
    Well Done.