Monday, September 17, 2012

Adelaide Hills - a few birds

I managed a short trip into the Adelaide Hills the other day.  I just drove some country roads, and finally ended up at Sandy Creek Conservation Park near Lyndoch, close to the Barossa Wine Area.

First stop was at a dry creek crossing, and in the old River Red Gums were some Musk Lorikeets, busy looking for a home for the breeding season.

Another 100 metres along the road an I noticed some small birds on the grass verge.   Yellow-rumped Thornbills are always busy, but this one decided to hop up into a tree, and I managed a couple of shots.

Another 100 metres, and an Australian Kestrel is perched, patiently waiting for a meal to show itself.  In the same tree, but horribly silhouetted, were a couple of Adelaide Rosellas.

When I  got to Sandy Creek there were not many birds about.  After walking a couple of tracks, I noticed a couple of Weebills in a tree.

There were a few White-winged Choughs, one  was feeding close to the edge of the scrub, and after getting a couple of shots, he flew, showing his white wing patches. Then, a few minutes later I spotted their nest above me in a gum tree.

Some old trees had a bright red bracket fungus on them, and I also spotted a couple of kangaroos, both with joeys in the pouch. 


  1. Great birds and photos. I love the lorikeets and the rosella. The kangaroo is cool. Great captures.

  2. Tony, what an adventurous day! That white-winged chough nest looks like a pile of dung on a branch!

  3. Stunning images Tony,loved seeing the White-Winged Choughs.
    Superb collection.