Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ist day of Spring - Wattle Day

The first day of spring is just around the corner.  In Australia it is celebrated with Wattle Day on September 1st.  Wattle is a generic name for a number of Acacia species with small spherical yellow flowers.

Since we've had Kobe, we've been out more, but out with the camera less. Recently on a walk at Belair National Park, there was a lot of Wattle around, with both Golden Wattle and Round-leaved Wattle in full bloom.

As always, there were a few Koalas around as well.

I also went to a spot where there are a few native orchids, where there were lots of Sundews, and a few early Dwarf Green-hood Orchids.

The other morning, I remembered to put my "point and shoot" in my pocket while walking Kobe around Kaurna Wetlands Park.    At the moment the water is as high as I've ever seen it.

The Lavender Grevillea's are in full flower. Usually pink, there are also a few yellow forms around the park.   The pale yellow flowered gum trees are just coming into full bloom, whilst the pink flowered gum trees are just about over.

Kobe loves his walks around the wetlands, and waits quietly while I take my photos.


  1. Awesome pictures as always Tony..
    You gotta love a patient Dog like Kobe!!

  2. Happy Spring, Happy Monday, Happy week Tony. Lovely images~

  3. Fantastic photograph, I like to admire such a face of the nature. I am greeting