Saturday, February 11, 2012

Queen Mary 2

We got up early this morning and headed to Outer Harbour to see the Queen Mary 2 arrive as part of her around Australia cruise. She was due to arrive at 8:00, so we got there around 7:00. As we arrived, the bulk carrier Banastar was just leaving en route to China. Flocks of Silver Gulls were flying up and down the beach. It was very murky, but eventually we saw the ship emerging from the gloom, and slowly drawing closer. The tug left as she approached the entry. Then the sun came out and we could see her in all her glory!! Next to go out to her was the Pilot. Once the tug had a line connected, she slowly approached the dock, and swept past us with a long blast of her fog horn. There is more information about the Queen Mary 2 on Cunard's web site here.


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