Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HMB Endeavour

Today, the replica of Captain James Cook's ship the Endeavour arrived in Port Adelaide as part of it's tour around Australia. The replica is a true copy of the original (except for its modern engine and radio)
She arrived from Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsular, accompanied by the sail training ship the One and All.
To get into Port Adelaide they have to swing the new Tom "Diver" Derrick Bridge. This bridge has two spans, one for road traffic and one for rail. The road span opened OK, but the rail span failed to open.
So we all waited for an engineer to come and free up the rail side, which finally opened and hour or so later to let the ships in.
The local maritime museum provided a welcome in the shape of a small canon, and the whole thing was recorded by channel 7 news from their chopper. The Endeavour was proudly flying the Australian Red Ensign.
In the river there were lots of jellyfish.


  1. We've brought a beautiful entrance, with beautiful photographs of the replica of the ship ..
    Greetings. -

  2. Beautiful ship there, Tony. Interesting about the 2 bridges. How often do they have to open for boat traffic?

  3. Great post of a lovely little ship Tony, I have some images of her when she visited Falmouth a few years ago.