Sunday, September 11, 2011

More spring orchids

Armed with better directions and a new flower book, I headed back to Belair National Park to search out some more orchids. It was showery, and in between the rain I was particularly looking for some green-hooded orchids. I found a couple, firstly a Nodding Green-hood, and then a small group of Dwarf Green-hoods. Close by was a single King Spider Orchid, the first I have seen this season. I also saw Lavender Grevillea and Red Parrot-pea in the same area. Next, I checked out the same spot as last week. There were many more Cowslip Orchids, and also some Purple Cockatoo Orchids, as well as many more Common Donkey Orchids, all looking at their best in the showers. I bumped into a couple also looking at orchids, and they showed me some tiny Gnat Orchids. A little further along the track was some Fumitory with its tiny purple-tipped flowers. The last photo is a caterpillar I spotted whilst photographing an orchid.


  1. Gorgeous orchids, they are so delicate. Wonderful shots!

  2. Beautiful shots - that's not something I'd see where I live.