Sunday, July 3, 2011

Local Birdwatching

This morning I took a short drive around the local wetlands. There is so much standing water around that the birds are spread far and wide. This Little Pied Cormorant was happy to pose, whilst the Pacific Black Duck was making sure it's feathers were in top condition. This male Maned Duck was keeping company with the Pacific Blacks.
Everywhere was bright with the gaudy yellow of Soursob, and a variety of Eucalypts were in blossom.
Walking around "my" wetlands at Kaurna Park I heard the double tone of a Spotted Pardalote. My imitation paid dividends, and soon two were hopping around the tree in front of me. By far the most common bird on the walk was Red Wattlebird, with good numbers of adults (with wattles) and juveniles (without) present.
I was almost home before I spotted Crested Pigeon, and finally one of the many feral European Rabbits that reside in the park.


  1. Awesome wildlife series. The pied cormorant is a cool looking bird. I enjoyed this post and photos.

  2. Hi Tony, love the Pardalote particularly. A fav of mine! (-: As promised, I've posted on my blog at long last. Hope to keep it going now! Hope all is well with you. xx

  3. A lot to be seen in a short walk - I must watch out for the spotted pardalote - a very pretty fine featured bird

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  5. Love the pictures Tony, It is good to see pictures from my own Country a lot of those birds I find in My Backyard except for the Pied Cormorant, I get rabbits and foxes but failed to get pictures yet