Monday, July 4, 2011

Going, Going, Gone!!

Harris Scarfe's flagship Adelaide store in Rundle Mall is having a major makeover, So major that it is being demolished, and will be replaced by an ultra modern shopping centre and office complex. We have a birds-eye view from our lunchroom at work. First photos show how it used to look, followed by a sequence taken over the cast couple of months. 19th April 6th May 23rd May 30th May - Much of the demolition was done at night to minimise disruption to the CBD. 10th June 15th June 16th June 24th June 29th June 1st July 4th July I'll post on the costruction of the new centre as it starts.


  1. While I understand that sometimes old buildings must come down, you can never replace their charm and character...what a grand old building, and if it could have shared the stories it held ;)

  2. It just goes to show how much I love shopping. I haven't been in town, at least the shopping mall, longer than I can remember. A pity the old facade went but the interior was no great loss.
    A great view for you into the black pit.

  3. You've had a bird's eye view of the demolition - and now you can watch the re-build which I'm sure won't be achieved as quickly. Yes it was the Convention centre no the Entertainment centre- oops!