Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kaurna Wetlands Park

As you know, Kaurna Wetlands Park is (almost literally) right on our doorstep, and we tend to see it as an extension to our garden! In a bid to get fit, we have begun a regular walking program. This means that we get to see the changes on an almost daily basis. We recently had a huge downpour of 91mm (over 3 1/2 inches) of rain in about 4 hours, and the wetlands immediately began filling with the stormwater. Soon, all of the channels were full and next day I got these shots. The water has prompted an influx of birds, with various ducks and herons, and even Little Grebes back again within days of the pools filling. I have also noticed a few of these large spiders, with their huge webs. Finally a couple of dragonflies. It is really great to have the wetlands alive again!!


  1. Beautiful post, even the spider. What a great escape so close to your back door, fun~