Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adelaide International Kite Festival 2011

This weekend was the Adelaide International Kite Festival at Semaphore. This event sees kite flyers from all over Australia and some from overseas get together for a weekend of kite flying. The event is held at Semaphore Beach and draws a regular flow of visitors throughout the two days. Firstly a couple of general views and then some close-ups of the frilled lizard, one of my favourites. While we were there, the Nanchang CJ6 from Adelaide Warbirds at Parafield gave a couple of flypasts. As well as the unusually shaped kites, there were also a lot of more standard shaped kites. Next we were treated to the 15000 Tonne Car Carrier Canopus Leader departing from Outer Harbour en-route to Fremantle in Western Australia, and a flyby by the Westpac Rescue helicopter. Back to the kites, this stunt kite put on a great show, and the dayglow octopus is another favourite. Finally, we headed back to Semaphore for a well earned ice cream, passing the 1875 Semaphore Timeball Tower on the way. The timeball was hoisted at 12:57 , and then dropped at 1:00 as an aid to ships moored offshore to set their chronometers. It was last used in 1932. Finally, it was difficult to resist the Australian Flag, proudly flown outside the RSL (Retired Servicemens League) Club.


  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. Wow, they have some really cool looking kites. I love the orca whale, frog and is that a dragon I see. Very cool! I would have loved to see this kite festival. The skies look so colorful with them all in flight. Great shots.

  3. Great kite photos, Tony. Seems you had a fun and exciting outing with all the flyovers, etc.

  4. Love the colours,fantastic captures.
    Look's like you had a FAB time Tony.

  5. Love the kites - and what a great week-end for it! lots of action in our city.
    "Adelaide and Beyond"