Monday, October 4, 2010

Whales and Egrets

Today is Labour Day in South Australia, so we decided to head south to Bashams Beach to see the Southern Right Whales before they head off to the Antarctic for the summer. We saw four whales, but they were all a long way off, and just loafing on the surface, no fin or tail slapping. While watching the whales, this Silver Gull with no feet flew past. (It would have been a good shot had I not managed to crop a wing tip!!) We moved round the coast to Goolwa for lunch, watching the boats in the newly filled river channel. Following the river towards to sea and the Coorong National Park, there were not many birds as the water was so deep, but we did spot a Little Black Cormorant, and this Great Egret chasing, and missing a small fish.


  1. Very nice collection Tony,your Silver Gull in flight is superb.

  2. Looks like a lovely area Tony. Is it far for you to drive? Shame about the legless Silver Gull, it's tough out there!

  3. Thanks John, Jenny and Jim. your comments are always appreciated.

  4. And today I hear the Murray Mouth has opened for the first time in years! Great photo of the gull - it obviously is still able to hunt for food? Either that, or it gets heaps of chips from observers ...

    Happy travels!

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