Thursday, July 29, 2010

Four Pigs, Three Balls and a Thong

The other day whilst walking through Adelaide's main shopping street, I was watching people enjoying some of the sculptures, and I realised how much we take for granted. So yesterday, I decided to take some photos and share them with you. Probably Rundle Mall's most famous and best loved residents are Horatio, Truffles, Augusta and Oliver, our four life-sized pigs. They have amused countless people, young and old, ever since they were installed. Further down the mall you come to this little girl having great fun on the slide. And then there are the Spheres, at over 4 metres (13 feet) tall the largest sculpture in the mall. Colloquially known as "the mall's balls" it is a common meeting point. Just around the corner from Rundle Mall is Hindmarsh Square. The north-western corner has recently been re-developed into a community space filled with sculptures designed to be played on by children. I have not been able to determine the meanings behind them, but they all have a connection with South Australia. They are a tap and hosepipe A fish and a bone A clothes peg and a thong and a beach ball. Throughout the space there are some tall curved structures - I am not sure what these are, but they have prompted some people to nickname the area the elephant's graveyard. I hope you enjoyed this quick tour through the centre of Adelaide.


  1.! I love all the sculptures. In Cincinnati, a flying pig is our mascot, so I adore your pigs too!

  2. Thanks everyone, I will try not to take them for granted in the future!!