Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park

A combination of work, weather and illness has kept me from posting recently, but this morning I managed to get out for a couple of hours. The rail line into the city has been closed for a few weeks so I am taking the bus into work. The bus passes Cobbler Creek Recreation Park, a place I had never been to. It is only ten minutes from home, in the foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges. It was a lovely crisp, frosty morning, and as I parked the car I was greeted by a pair of Australian Magpies "caroling". As I walked through the park, I noticed a local landmark popping up through the trees. Hollywood Plaza is my local shopping mall. It really shows off how much greenery there is in Adelaide. There were lots of parrots around the park, and many were prospecting nest holes. I didn't get shots of them all, but the Musk Lorikeets and Red-rumped Parrots allowed me close enough for some nice shots. On the way back to the car I heard some Striated Pardalotes calling so headed off the path and finally caught up with them in a eucalypt with a huge Ravens nest in it. Pardalotes are always confiding, and I got a good selection of shots. I couldn't decide between these two so I am including them both in the post. Finally a Monarch butterfly. This migrant is only common here in the winter, and always brightens up a winters day.


  1. Yet again another stunning piece of Photography.
    Fantastic collection,well done Tony.

  2. Hi Tony hope your feeling better, those bird images must be a real tonic as they are super, that location looks pretty good as well.

  3. Excellent shots my favorites are the Pardalotes shots lovely and clear :)

  4. Delightful scenery and the pair of Magpies are so fun, what beauties those two chaps are~

  5. The image of the magpies makes me remember walking through the countryside (oh so long ago) and listening to them. I loved their call.

  6. Hi John, Thanks, glad you enjoyed them.

    G'day Monty, yes, I always getting out if I am stuck inside, whatever the reason.

    thanks Philip, yes they are cracking little birds.

    Hi IT2L, you'll have to come back and get reaquainted!!

    Hello Mary, Yes, their carolling is one of australias iconic sounds.