Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kangaroo Island - Part 4 - Odds and Ends

For the last post from KI I have pulled a few more photos that didn't really fit into the other posts. This is one of the two ferries (I am on the other one) that cross Backstairs Passage between Cape Jervis and Penneshaw. Another place we stopped at was Kelly Hill Conservation Park, and here we saw Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos high in the eucalypts. There was an Australian Raven hopping around the picnic site, and another family of Superb Fairywrens. This one was feeding fully grown youngsters. The western KI coastline around Cape de Couedic is stunning! At Seal Bay, we saw this group of Silver Gulls, landing on, and eating the berries of, this bush. Vegetarian gulls? surely not!! In the New Zealand Christmas Tree from the last post, there was a House Sparrow attempting to drink nectar from the blooms, and also a camera shy Silvereye - he was definitely on the flower when I pushed the shutter........


  1. Great post again Tony, lovely senic shots and must say the wren looks evan better in this post. Australian Raven looks much the same as ours except for the eye. They are very common here in Cornwall now.

  2. It does look absolutely beautiful there Tony (definitely on my wish list!) (-: Those Fairy Wrens really should be allowed!!! I wonder if those Gulls were actually eating some sort of insect that were attracted to that bush? Just a thought, probably a bad one! (-:

  3. Hi Monty, Thanks, the raven is not as big as yours, only the size of a crow.
    Hi Jen, yes, I wondered that, but it was definately the berries they were after - we tasted them as well - very sweet - they are used as bush food by the aboriginals - good source of energy.

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