Monday, September 7, 2009

Western Australia - Perth

This weekend was busy, so I didn't manage to get out birding. I did purchase a new lens though, a 10-20mm ultra wide-angle. I hope to test it out soon and post some of the results. So it's back to the archives again. A few years ago I took a short holiday to Perth. The main targets were the local endemics. first stop was Kings Park in Perth. Not much birdwise, but there were some lovely Kangaroo Paws. Next day was taken up with a trip to Dryandra State Forest for Rufous Treecreeper and the rare Numbat (a small marsupial). I did see a Numbat tail disappear into a hollow log, but the treecreeper put on a much more satisfying display. A trip to Rottnest Island is a must if in Perth. It is the stronghold of the Quokka, another small marsupial. It is also good for birds and I managed to get my first decent shots of White-fronted Chat, one of our most striking birds. This male Musk Duck also put on a good show. On the last day, we headed into suburban Perth, and saw Western Spinebill, Rufous Whistler and the western race of Splendid Fairywren.


  1. Fantastic selection of birds Tony,love the White-fronted Chat.

  2. Hi Tony, that White-fronted Chat is a stonker!
    Ah, we were due to do a trip to Perth area last year or was it the year before, I forget. Maybe one day. You've wetted my appetite!!! (-:

  3. Thanks John and Jenny. Yes, the chat is a very smart bird. Generally you don't get within 15 metres of them before they fly, but this one was happy to sit in the sunshine!