Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vacation 1 - Port Douglas

I have been a bit slack with postings this week as Maryann and I have been enjoying a vacation in Far North Queensland. This was not a birding holiday, but I did manage a few birdy moments!! We flew to Cairns, and then drove the 60 or so Km (40 miles) north to Port Douglas for the first few nights. Port Douglas is a lovely place, and popular with backpackers and grey nomads (Aussie slang for retired tourers usually in motorhomes or caravans) alike. It has a wonderful long curved white sand beach, called Four Mile Beach, and we spent each morning watching the sunrise. By far the most common bird was Figbird. They were everywhere!! One morning there was a lot of bird activity and amongst others, we saw White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Varied Triller, and Australia's only regular Sunbird. This bird used to be called Yellow-bellied Sunbird, but is now known as Olive-backed Sunbird. I know which name I prefer. On our way out of Port Douglas, we spotted the daytime roost of a group of Spectacled Flying Foxes. There were thousands of them, and the sight and sound (and smell) was unbelievable.


  1. Hi Tony. Sounds like a wonderful trip so far....look forward to more. Port Douglas looks beautiful (we didn't get that far up north). These photos bring back such great memories! The wildlife over there is amazing!

  2. Thanks Jen. Yes, it was a lovely break. We are very lucky to live in a country with such a wide diversity of habitat and therefore flora and fauna.